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Emirates Oasis Tourism LLC is a leading DMC in UAE. Emirates Oasis Tourism is providing its services to all seven Emirates, to manage this destinations is not an easy task, but with the years of experience, Emirates Oasis Tourism management has been doing it successfully for more than 10 years. Established in 2008 as a supplier for the local needs of other top level operators, it has now transformed in to a complete fully fledged Premium DMC, The company and its staff are recognized for their professionalism, innovative approach to product design as well as top flight service to its guests, with the primary mission of not only reaching our guests expectations, but surpassing them.

The system provides access to over 250,000+ hotel and apartment rooms worldwide, more than 45,000+ sightseeing attractions and private transfer in over 900 cities, exclusively to professionals within the tourism sector: travel agents, tour operators and wholesale travel companies, with large allotments and instant online confirmation.

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